Where are They Now? C2E2 Alumni Jennifer Davis tells her story

Dr. Davis is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management at UBC-O. Jennifer's research focuses on conducting economic evaluations alongside randomized controlled trials (i.e. cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses) in a variety of clinical settings where participants have mobility limitations (i.e. falls & fracture clinics) and various degrees of cognitive impairment.

A core part of Jennifer's research program includes health outcomes research (i.e. exploring the value of patient reported outcome measures) in the fields of healthy aging (i.e. cognition, mobility) and various surgical outcomes (e.g total knee arthroplasty). Jennifer is a co-Director of Operations of the Falls Prevention Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital – a team-based tertiary referral falls clinic in Vancouver. Dr. Davis is working collaboratively on an initiative to apply proven cost-effective and cost-saving secondary falls prevention interventions for high risk older adults across BC.

Jennifer joined C2E2 as a CIHR Postdoctoral fellow in the School of Population and Public Health under the supervision of Professor Stirling Bryan and Canada Research Chair Professor Teresa Liu-Ambrose. Her research explored the use of ‘performance metrics’ in health care research and in a Falls Prevention Clinic setting, with a particular focus on using Patient Reported Outcome Measures. She investigated the key modifiable clinical factors that drive variation in health care resource utilization and health related quality of life (HRQoL) among vulnerable seniors and discovered that cognitive status predicts health resource utilization and mobility status predicts HRQoL.

More information about Dr. Davis's current research work, role as Co-Director of Research and Operations in the Falls Prevention Clinic and selected publications may be found at:


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