Spotlight: C2E2 Member - Boris Sobolev

A health services researcher and Professor at the School of Population and Public Health, the University of British Columbia focuses on access, processes and outcomes of care delivery.

Research interest: Hip Fractures

In a new article recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers from the Canadian Collaborative Study of Hip Fractures  recommend a “two-sunset” policy for the timing of hip fracture repair.  Using expertise in causal inference available at C2E2, health outcomes were compared for the same population of patients as if they were surgically-treated on different days after admission to hospital, without resorting to a randomized experiment.

“If all hip fracture surgeries were within two days of admission, one in six deaths among delayed surgeries would have been avoided,” say Dr. Boris Sobolev and Dr. Pierre Guy, lead authors of  Mortality Effects of Timing Alternatives for Hip Fracture Surgery.

The "two sunsets" recommendation is stricter than the current 48-hour standard and places the emphasis of managerial efforts on ensuring timely access to operating room for patients whose surgery might have been delayed due to late admission or hospital transfer.  

Dr. Sobolev presented the study findings at the 2018 Fragility Fracture Network Global Congress in Dublin, Ireland. His talk was awarded the best oral presentation in Health Policy category.

Most Recent Publication:

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Other Publications:

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