Dr. Katie Sheehan starts at King’s College London in January 2017

Katie has completed 2-year postdoctoral training with a great list of achievements. Working with the Canadian Collaborative Study for Hip fracture, Katie published 7 papers (1 2 3 4 5 6) and 1 book chapter (8), and developed 4 technical reports. She has a further 6 manuscripts under review.

She presented work of the Collaborative at 3 international conferences, 2 national conferences, and 6 local venues. Katie received 2 travel awards and mentored 2 VCHRI research challenge awards. As a postdoctoral teaching fellow, she has been teaching a SPPH course “Causal Inference in Public Health”.

Katie reflects on her two years with us:

“My postdoctoral fellowship at C2E2 equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take on my first faculty position. I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities and support provided. I hope to continue to collaborate with those at the Centre in the coming years.”

We celebrate Katie’s achievements and wish her all the best in transition to a faculty position at the great university!