Past Rounds

Date Title Presenter
Oct 31, 2016
The BC SUPPORT Unit: An overview and update on progress
Stirling Bryan and Kim McGrail
Oct 24, 2016
Longitudinal Evaluation of Priority Setting and Resource Allocation in a Canadian Health Authority
William Hall
Oct 17, 2016
No Rounds
Oct 11, 2016
What happens to patients when doctors leave town? Outcomes of patients hospitalized with acute cardiovascular conditions during dates of national cardiology meetings
Anupam B. Jena
Oct 6, 2016
The economics of tackling childhood obesity: reflections and suggestions from a UK perspective
Emma Frew
Oct 3, 2016
Considering Frailty in Medical Decision Making: an introduction to the PATH model
Laurie Mallery and Paige Moorhouse
Sep 26, 2016
Understanding the Patient Experience of Cost-Related Non-Adherence (CRNA) to Prescription Medications: Developing and Applying a CRNA Typology
Laurie Goldsmith
Sep 19, 2016
What’s in a name? Terminological Issues in Health Care and their Implications in an Era of Big Data
Ellen Balka
Sep 12, 2016
Canadian Publicly Funded Prescription Drug Plans, Expenditures and an Overview of Patient Impacts
Fiona Clement
Jun 20, 2016
Crash and Injury Profiles of Elderly Drivers
Herbert Chan
Jun 13, 2016
Predicting tuberculosis risk and cost-effectiveness of latent TB screening in the foreign-born population of British Columbia
Lisa Ronald, Jonathon Campbell
Jun 6, 2016
A Rapid Review to Inform the Development of a Core Outcome Set for Effectiveness Trials of Physical Activity in an Ageing Population — work in progress
Meghan Donaldson
May 30, 2016
Effective Collaborations in Health Services Research – a Hip Fracture Example
Pierre Guy
May 23, 2016
No Rounds
May 16, 2016
Hospital Mortality after Hip Fracture by Hospital Type and Bed Capacity
Katie Sheehan
May 9, 2016
Towards Precision Medicine in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Zafar Zafari
May 2, 2016
PHARMAC – NZ’s single central drug buying agency
Bruce King
Apr 25, 2016
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure versus Mandibular Advancement Splints in Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients: a randomized trial
Fernanda Almeida
Apr 18, 2016
Economic Evaluation of Community Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia
Asif Khowaja Raza
Apr 11, 2016
Drug Impaired Driving
Jeff Brubacher