Simple audio-conferences potentially bridge wide gaps in patient care

Although family physicians (FPs) and home health staff (HHS) understand the value of coordinating care to improve the health of their shared patients, they continue to face major obstacles such as difficulty achieving timely communication to clarify medical orders, and limited opportunities to develop common care plans for patients with complex needs.

Why rates of emergency transfers to hospital differ between nursing facilities

As Canada's population ages, so too does demand for more quality senior care facilities. Research led by Dr. Margaret McGregor, a Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute scientist with the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation, has found that types of ownership and certain organizational features of nursing homes correlate to fewer emergency department (ED) transfers.

C2E2 Director Stirling Bryan presents at CADTH 25 year Anniversary Lecture Series

It's Time to Break Our Addiction to Technology Adoption: Reframing HTA as the Cornerstone of "Resource Stewardship"

On November 17, 2014, Dr. Stirling Bryan gave a thought-provoking discussion about considerations related to value and the reimbursement of high-cost health technologies.

People in Profile: Logan Trenaman

Meet Logan – researcher, returning recreational hockey player, and facilitator of better health care decision-making.

CADTH’s 25th Anniversary Lecture Series – Dr. Stirling Bryan

As part of CADTH’s 25th anniversary celebrations, we’ve launched a special lecture series on health technology assessment (HTA) in Canada.

We invite you to join us for the next talk in our series, featuring Dr. Stirling Bryan, Director, Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation, The University of British Columbia. Dr. Bryan will argue that “It’s Time to Break Our Addiction to Technology Adoption: Reframing HTA as the Cornerstone of ‘Resource Stewardship’.”

Online videos in six languages help immigrant patients breathe better

Resources developed through dedicated community-based participatory approach.

Dr. Nick Bansback receives a CIHR New Investigator Award

Dr. Nick Bansback Receives CIHR New Investigator Award

Lidia Engel – Award recipient for the best student oral presentation at the HTAi meeting 2014

Lidia Engel, PhD student at SFU and research assistant at C2E2, presented work on ‘Examining Exclusion Criteria in National Health State Valuation Studies: a Systematic Review’ and received an award for the best student oral presentation.

New health technologies: an addiction that needs to be broken

Slowing the rapid growth of health care spending requires a shift in focus away from adopting new technologies (i.e. drugs, devices, procedures, and screenings) toward better management of already existing technologies, according to an editorial authored by researchers at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation (C2E2), a major research centre within Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.